What is the Sport and Dogs !? 2

What is the Sport and Dogs !?

Sport and Dogs is a lifestyle movement created to promote active leisure with our dogs and friends using the tools we already have and the everyday environment we are in anyway.

We love sports, our dogs, and we really enjoy being in Monaco, which is the most densely populated city and country in the world.
 How to combine all of this so that we all, I mean also our dogs, have fun and feel happy ?
 This is a problem for the vast majority of dog owners living in urban conditions. How to combine our leisure time in the confined urban environment so that our dogs, friends and ourselves can spend time with enough physical activity and at the same time have fun for everyone and also make our dogs and our friends happier and closer to each other.
 In reality, thousands, even millions, of dog owners can do things with very simple tools and capabilities that already allow them to engage in interesting and active activities with their dogs and involve other family members and friends.

 That’s what Sport and Dogs is about. Created with desire to teach and to help people actively spend time with their pets. To improve the physical and mental health of themselves and their pets.

 Change and make the lives of millions of dogs and their owners much better and happier. Improve their physical and mental health and certainly the closeness and connection between all of them. Not only the relationship between the pets and their owners, but also the relationship between all the family members involved in the activity. 

You don’t need alcohol, Xanax or other drugs being happy! For your Dog, you are the most famous and coolest person on the planet Earth. You are his or her idol and superstar. Get high for being a superstar who’s spending time with your most fanatic fan – Go and do cool things together with your dog !

When you feel that this is something you would like to get involved you are welcome to contact by e-mail info@vondewahlsivers.com

Thomas Theodor Von DeWahl-Sivers and Monika Laneman

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