BTWW Olympias - As long as you have not finished trying, you are on your way to success! 2

BTWW Olympias – As long as you have not finished trying, you are on your way to success!

Born to Win Warrior (BTWW) Olympias is a Malinois dog born in January. She’s a Capricorn. And she acts like capricorn since her birth. When her sisters and brothers ran, BTWW Olympias, she jumped. Meanwhile, straight. Sometimes, the zigzag. According to the how was the mood, weather conditions and current rules of the game. At least in her opinion. She likes to climb up everywhere, as high as possible, because all capricorns do so. She also likes to tear and eat raw meat in huge quantities because all capricorns do so, Olympias is absolutely convinced in that. And she likes to compete with everyone and strike an object or hit a man. Because all capricorns like it very much, that’s her second belief.

But one thing she likes above all. And at the same time, it is the most important thing in the world as for every real capricorn… BTWW Olympias likes to win! And she always wins because she wants it above all and never gives up! Never!

And she is completely right because with such attitude she won the right to be a lifetime member of the BTWW team’s main gang.

Meaning of time for BTWW Olympias is different from that as we, people feel. Everything is 10 X. Or more or less. If she has to wait for food or exercise, then every minute equals 10 minutes of waiting in a person life. 1 hour for her equals 10 hours of waiting!

When BTWW Olympias does a workout and bites a man in costume then every minute feels for her ten times less per minute. even more, every second feels ten times less.
An hour workout feels for her like 6 minutes in human sports.
That’s why BTWW Olympias get never beaten or tires first. Even when she has three men in sparring, they get tired long before Olympias. Exactly like her name says: Sports and exercise are never too much for the Born to Win Warrior Olympias.

BTWW Olympias does not think very long and analytical before she takes action. She just acts immediately and quickly. When she feels the right time has arrived.

She also does not discuss much about the long-term and about the end of the life. But in one thing, she has a firm belief in it: ” Heaven is a place where strangers climb all days long onto the wall trying to get into your territory and you can bite them as much as you wish.”
After a little thought she adds: ” At least Malinois heaven is like that. Absolutely!”

‘’When you want something, don’t think too long and don’t talk too much about it. Go and get it! If you don succeed, do it again and again till you succeed! As long as you have not finished trying, you are on your way to success! ‘Explains BTWW Olympias briefly about her philosophy of life. It’s also the BTWW Olympics message for all friends.

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