BTWW Escobar met Fabrice Barra 2

BTWW Escobar met Fabrice Barra

BTWW Escobar likes Fabrice for several reasons. One of them is that Fabrice is also an animal, a very special breed animal: Monte-Carlo Party Animal…
Paris Hilton, Ivana Trump and many others are those who can be found in Fabrice company everywhere where a special and particularly cool event takes place in Monte-Carlo, Milan, Cannes, from Paris to Dubai and Los Angeles.
But in fact, it’s just Fabrice’s fun hobby that he relaxes with his serious and intense schedule. It’s for him like sports and having fun for hours dancing is an effective workout.
Fabrice protects the business interests of itself and other investors, and takes care of investments in the European Union and Switzerland, and in other European countries, the Arab countries, and South and Latin America. It means a lot of flying and traveling, long and very tiring days, which means you have to be in good physical shape and spiritually fresh and durable.
BTWW Escobar wanted to know and learn from Fabrice, which is what keeps Fabrice successful.
” Be motivated. Always keep yourself motivated. Once you’ve reached the set goals, always keep up with the new goals and goals that motivate you. When you are motivated you will always give your best and always want to be on the move and ready for 100% successful performance, ” was the Fabrice message to BTWW Escobar and for all friends.

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