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Thomas Theodor von DeWahl-Sivers
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Thomas Theodor
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von DeWahl-Sivers
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This is the Sport and Dogs specific group! Enjoy!
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Group for BTWW Members
What is the Sport and Dogs !? 1
3 months ago no Comment

Sport and Dogs is a lifestyle movement created to promote active leisure with our dogs and friends using the tools we already have and the everyday environment we are in anyway. We love sports, our dogs, and we really enjoy being in Monaco, which is the most densely populated city and country in the world.

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Happy International Women's Day ! ❤️ 2
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Where is Sport and Dogs Monaco going ? 3
4 months ago no Comment

To PWG – PetWorldGlobal of course, because this is a new hot spot for all pets ! BTWW Escobar and BTWW Upfire knows that cool dogs and their owners now gather at! Come join the Club –

Two 2021 Sport & Dogs Monaco Superagents 008 and 009! 4
5 months ago no Comment

Sport & Dogs Monaco is convinced that this is the right and perfect choice for the position of superagents for the year 2021. These two have been doing sports most of their time in 2020 and in addition they are 100% dogs !

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Trust the Dogs, they can sense the Future! 6
7 months ago no Comment

Trust the Dogs, they can sense the Future! LEWIS HAMILTON and SEBASTIEN OGIER both became 7x World Champions and BTWW Dogs predicted it correctly! Almost a year ago Sport and Dogs Monaco decided to ask the expert opinion of Born to Win Warrior dogs Che Guevara and Vesuvius, who will be the first of the …

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10 months ago no Comment – PWG – Life is Better with Pets ❤️️ Pet life News, Media and Marketplace – only the good news and positive stories ! Join us – !

BTWW Alexander the Great 8
11 months ago no Comment

” There is nothing impossible to him who will try ” Alexander the Great, King 👑 of Macedon

Enjoy the life.... 9
1 year ago no Comment

None of us are getting out of here alive 😂So why do worry ?!? Better enjoy every day you still have and eat the delicious food. Do not afraid say the truth and what you really think. Be kind others and show your love every day and moment you can for them or things you …

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#WHITECARD for PEACE from Sport and Dogs 10
1 year ago no Comment

TAKE a PHOTO with WHITE CARD and SHARE IT ! To celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the Sport and Dogs Movement joins the #WhiteCard campaign, initiated by @peaceandsport, and unites behind this symbol of hope and global solidarity through sport. #sportanddogs #IDSDP2020 #April6

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